Does this sound familiar?

Want to build an online Business, but experienced nothing but overwhelm, frustration, broken promises and disappointment.

Then your in the right place, cos the above is all I’ve ever encountered in my attempts to create a simple online business.

I want to be open and honest with you here, I am not a millionaire marketing guru, in fact the complete opposite.

I have not yet made any money online, yep not one cent has been paid into my paypal account…. How’s that for honesty!…….refreshing I hope.

So why might you be interested in what I have to say! simple……experience…….experience of having been there, done it, and bought the tee shirt….. not from a successful point of view you understand but from the view point of making all the mistakes under the sun.DOH!

I simple want to pass on what I’ve learnt (or not learnt) as the case may be in the hope that it helps others not to make the same errors that I have.

I’m not beaten yet, and I invite you to join me on this journey, and learn from my experiences, good and bad.

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I also want to learn from you so tell me where you are with your business and what have been your experiences.

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